A coach/manager who is ejected shall leave the vicinity (out of sight and out of sound)  of the playing area immediately and is prohibited from any further contact (direct or indirect) with the team during the remainder of the game. The ejected coach/manager must sit out the remainder of that game and the following game. They are barred from coaching in the tournament until that team has completed their next game.

A) If a coach is ejected for a third time in a season, during league play or tournament play, that coach will not be allowed to coach any sanctioned game for the remainder of the season. 

B) If your third ejection comes before mid-season, the suspension will carry for the remainder of that season.  If the third ejection comes after mid-season, this penalty will carry over to the following season.  Mid-season is defined as the middle of that scheduled season.


A player ejected must sit out the remainder of that game. The player is eligible to play in the team’s next game. Any youth player who is restricted to the bench or ejected shall remain in the dugout/bench area under adult supervision. 


Anyone ejected will be asked to leave the park at the discretion of the Umpire and  Tournament Director. 

A) All coach ejections except noted by * result in the coach being barred from participation for the remainder of the game in progress PLUS the coach is barred from participation until their NEXT game is completed. 

B) Coach Ejection for unreported substitution/courtesy runner 

RESULT: is the coach being barred for the remainder of the game in progress only. If you choose to bat the entire roster on 10U – 18U and a player is sick, injured, or removed if you do not have a sub to put in batting order it is an out.