1. Leagues must play by 2022 ALL AMERICAN YOUTH SPORTS RULE BOOK during the regular season, with the  exception of any "LOCAL LEAGUE" Rules. 
  2. Effective Aug. 1, 2021 (2022 season), ALL AMERICAN YOUTH SPORTS will no longer allow  individual team sanctions. ALL teams in a park must be sanctioned with ALL AMERICAN YOUTH SPORTS to participate with ALL AMERICAN YOUTH SPORTS Rec. It will no longer be an option  for only some teams or age groups to be sanctioned and not others. 
  3. No team can have more than three travel players on a rec tournament team. This rule  is to make sure a whole travel team cannot enter a Rec tournament and there  maintains the integrity of the program. This means no travel ball team even as a pick up under any sanctioning body. Only official rosters from any sanctioning body can be used to protest an ineligible player.  No social media information or any pictures or lineups will be considered.  See protest rules for more information.
  4. Leagues must have ALL teams in a park sanctioned with ALL AMERICAN YOUTH SPORTS for the  season they are playing (i.e. Spring or Fall)  EXAMPLE:- for Fall 2020 (begins Sept. 1, 2019), you sanction the ten (10) teams you have for the fall season. But in Spring 2020 (begins March 1,  2020) you have 13 teams: The park must then sanction and pay the fees for  the three (3) new teams in order for all the league teams to be eligible to play  in ALL AMERICAN YOUTH SPORTS Rec tournaments. 
  5. A team is ineligible to play in tournaments if their park is not entirely sanctioned  through ALL AMERICAN YOUTH SPORTS
  6. Interleague: For a park to be eligible for interleague status, the entire park must  interleague. Single team interleague play does not qualify a park. All teams in all  age groups must interleague between the parks for both parks to qualify as  “interleagued”.
  7. Single park interleaguing: Parks must play a minimum of three (3) home and three  (3) away games per team in each age group with the interleague park. If these  games are canceled for any reason, games must be rescheduled to keep interleague  status.
  8. Multi-Park interleaguing: Parks who interleague with multiple parks (three (3) or  more parks) must play a minimum of two (2) home and two (2) away games with each  park. If these games are canceled for any reason, the game must be rescheduled to  keep interleague status.
  9.  Pickup Player (Guest Player) – a pickup player is considered any player not on a  team’s drafted roster.
  10. A player is only eligible for pickup status if: The player is registered at your park for the current season (Spring or Fall) The player is registered at a Gulf Coast Sports sanctioned park with which you interleague per the guidelines above.
  11. Not all interleague parks are Gulf Coast Sports sanctioned. 
  12. A team is allowed three (3) pickups for Rec league tournaments.
  13. Team rosters with pickups cannot exceed eleven (11) players. 
Rostered Players Available  Allowable Pickups  Legal Roster w/ Pickups
10  11
11 or more  0
  • Only one (1) of the allowable number of pickups can play either pitcher or catcher. 
  • Once one pick-up player plays in either the pitcher or catcher position, the other allowable pickup players cannot play pitcher or catcher for the entirety of the tournament. 

For example: if a pickup player plays catcher, she must continue in this position or another position in the field, except pitcher, for the entirety of the tournament. 

  • Pickups must play in their park league uniform for that season.  
  • If a team chooses to do special uniforms for charity tournaments such as  Guarding the Guard, Backing the Blue, Battle of the Bay, Going Pink, or DIPG,  on any other tournament the pickup players must still wear their original park team jersey.
  • Monster Bash exception: Pickup players may wear their costumes for pool play only. Bracket play must be in their original park uniform.
  • Pickups can bat anywhere in the line-up.
  • Pickup players must notify their home team coach of their intent to pick up with another team.
  • All coaches must submit a pickup player form to ALL AMERICAN YOUTH SPORTS  no later than 10 pm Wednesday before the scheduled tournament date. 
  • Jerseys; All jerseys must match and be from the current season  

Exception: The only exception is pickup players and All-Star warmup tournaments. 

  • Altered jerseys are not allowed. 
    • No duct tape 
    • No marker
    • No other foreign material to alter the jersey.
    • Pick-up players in appropriate jerseys