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League Table

1Athens 10U
1Athens 12U
1Athens 6U
1Athens 8U
1Blount County 1 12U
1Blount County 1 8U
1Blount County 10U
1Blount County 6U
1Central 8U
1Cold Springs 8U
1Cullman 6U
1Decatur 10U
1Decatur 12U
1Decatur 15U/18U
1Decatur 6U
1Decatur 8U
1East Lawrence 8U
1Eastern 10U
1Eastern 8U
1Eva 10U
1Florence 12U
1Florence 6U
1Florence Navy 10U
1Florence Navy 8U
1Florence Red 10U
1Florence Red 8U
1Hartselle 6U
1Hartselle 8U
1Hatton 12U
1Lawrence County 10U
1Lawrence County 12U
1Lawrence County 8U
1Limestone County 8U
1Limestone County Blue 10U
1Limestone County Red 10U
1Madison 10U
1Madison 15U/18U
1Madison 8U
1Madison County 10U
1Madison County 12U
1Madison County 8U
1Monrovia 10U
1Monrovia 12U
1Monrovia 8U
1Moulton 8U
1Vinemont 10U
1Wal-Win 10U
1Wal-Win 8U
1West Point 12U