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League Table

1Alexandria 8U
1Athens 10u
1Athens 12u
1Athens 6u
1Athens 8u
1Bay Minette 10U
1Bay Minette 12U
1Bay Minette 8U
1Blount Co. 10u
1Blount Co. 12u
1Blount Co. 6u
1Blount Co. 8u
1Blount Co. 8u Pink
1Blount Co. 8u Purple
1Brandon 10U
1Brooks 10u
1Butler 10u
1Butler 8u
1Central Baldwin 10U
1Central Baldwin 12U
1Central Baldwin 15U
1Central Baldwin 18U
1Central Baldwin 6U
1Central Baldwin 8U
1Citronelle 8U
1Cleveland 10u
1Cleveland 12u
1Columbia 10U
1Columbia 12U
1Columbia 6U
1Columbia 8U
1Cullman 10u
1Cullman 8u
1Cullman Co. 12u
1Curry 12U
1Daphne 10U
1Daphne 12U
1Daphne 18U
1Daphne 6U
1Daphne 8U
1Decatur 10u
1Decatur 12u
1Decatur 18u
1Decatur 6u
1Decatur 8u
1Demopolis 10u
1Demopolis 12u
1Demopolis 8u
1Elberta 10U
1Elberta 8U
1Eva 10u
1Eva 8u
1Fairhope 12U
1Fairhope 6U
1Fairhope 8U
1Florence 10u
1Florence 12u
1Florence 6u
1Florence 8u
1Foley 10U
1Foley 12U
1Foley 8U
1Gilbertown 12u
1Gilbertown 8u
1Good Hope 8u
1Grand Bay 8U
1Gulf Breeze 10U
1Gulf Breeze 8U
1Gulf Shores 10U
1Gulf Shores 12U
1Gulf Shores 8U
1Hartselle 6u
1Hartselle 8u
1Helena 18U
1Jackson 10u
1Jackson 8u
1Jeff Davis Co 10U
1Laurel 6U
1Laurel 8U
1Lawrence Co 10U
1Lawrence Co 12u
1Lawrence Co 6U
1Lawrence Co 8U
1Lawrence Co. 10u
1Lawrence Co. 8u
1Limestone Co 8u Red
1Limestone Co. 10u
1Limestone Co. 12u
1Limestone Co. 6u
1Limestone Co. 8u Blue
1Madison 10U
1Madison 6U
1Madison 8u
1Madison Co. 10u
1Madison Co. 8u
1Magee 10U
1Magee 6U
1Magee 8U
1Monroe County 10U
1Monroe County 10U
1Monroe County 8U
1Monroe County 8U
1Monrovia 10U
1Monrovia 16u
1Monrovia 6u
1Monrovia 8u
1Morgan Co. 10u
1Morgan Co. 8u
1Moulton 12u
1Moulton 18U
1Moulton 8u
1Neshoba 6U
1Neshoba 8U
1Oak Grove 8U
1Orange Beach 10U
1Orange Beach 12U
1Orange Beach 8U
1Pearl 10U
1Pensacola 10U
1Pensacola 15U
1Petal 10U
1Petal 12U
1Petal 8U
1Pike Co 10U
1Pike Co 12U
1Pike Co 8U
1Purvis 6U
1Purvis 8U
1Saraland 10U
1Satsuma 10U
1Satsuma 12U
1Satsuma 15U
1Satsuma 18U
1Satsuma 8U
1Semmes 10U
1Semmes 15U
1Semmes 6U
1Semmes 8U
1Spanish Fort 8U
1Sumrall 6U
1Sumrall 8U
1Sumter Red 8u
1Sweet Water 8u
1Thomasville 10u
1Thomasville 12u
1Thomasville 8u
1Titus 18U
1Underwood 10u
1Union Chapel 10u
1Vinemont 10U
1Vinemont 8u
1WalWin 12u
1WalWin 8u
1Walker Co. 8U
1Wayne Co 8U
1West Lauderdale 8U
1West Mobile 10U
1West Mobile 12U
1West Mobile 15U
1West Mobile 18U
1West Mobile 6U
1West Mobile 8U
1West Point 10U
1West Point 12u